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What type of maintenance is required on solar panels?

Solar panels require little or no maintenance. Simply clean the solar panels after storms or heavy rainfall. You can also consider periodic washing. With us as your solar installer in Staten Island, you will receive ongoing maintenance services.

How long will it take to get a return on my solar investment?

Most solar systems start giving ROI within 5-10 years, depending on factors such as your utility provider, your energy rates, and your exact location. Consult local solar energy companies for more information.

How difficult is it to install solar panels?

Installing solar panels isn’t difficult if you are working with highly-rated solar companies in Staten Island like us. We have hundreds of successful projects in our kitty. We handle every step of the installation process in-house for quality and efficiency. Simply call us at +1 347-455-8430. Our team will help you throughout. From initial planning to permits and installations. You can leave everything to professional solar installers from the industry.

What’s the cost of solar panel installation in Staten Island?

The cost of solar panel installations in Staten Island varies depending on several factors, including The size of the solar system The type of solar panels Labor costs Extra components or services required

Is there any Federal tax incentive for going solar in Staten Island, New York?

Yes, absolutely. As per the 2023 ITC rule, both residential and commercial solar installations are eligible for a 30% tax credit in Staten Island, New York. This makes solar adoption more cost-effective for residents and businesses alike.

How much time do solar panel installations take?

It can typically take anything between 90 and 120 days. However, it can be reduced depending on how long the permits take. Please note that we are your trusted solar panel advisors and will be with you throughout.

How does a solar panel system increase the value of the property?

Prospective buyers often see solar-run property as a long-term financial investment. Enjoy tax incentives, rebates, or other financial benefits for installing solar panels in Queens, NY. Book a consultation with experts to know more.

What is the Federal Tax Incentive for Solar Installations in Queens, NY?

As of 2023, the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) offers a 30% tax credit for solar panel installations in Queens, New York. If you invest $20,000 in a solar system, you can get a $6,000 tax credit. The ITC has been instrumental in making solar power more affordable for homeowners and businesses alike.

How can I save on solar panel installations in Queens?

Yes, absolutely. Advanced Solar Solutions can help you make extra savings via solar tax incentives in Queens, NY. Plus, you can earn a referral bonus of $500. Also, our solar services in Queens are cost-effective. So you don’t have to worry about the cost.

Can I mount solar panels on a flat roof?

Yes, absolutely. Solar panels can be securely installed on flat roofs using specialized mounting systems. Advanced Solar Solutions systems enable the adjustment of panel tilts to optimize sun exposure and enhance energy generation.

What is the Federal tax incentive for solar?

The federal tax incentive for solar energy is known as the Investment Tax Credit (ITC). It allows individuals or businesses to claim a credit on their federal income taxes for a percentage of the cost of installing a solar energy system. As of 2023, the ITC provides a 30% tax credit for solar installations. This means that if you spend $20,000 on a solar system, you can receive a $6,000 tax credit. The ITC is available to both residential and commercial solar installations and has helped to reduce the cost of going solar for many individuals and businesses.

What is the NY State Solar Energy System Equipment Tax Credit?

The NY State Solar Energy System Equipment Tax Credit is a financial incentive offered to residential and commercial property owners in New York State who install solar energy systems. The tax credit allows for a reduction in the state income taxes owed to the extent of 25% of the cost of the solar energy system, up to a maximum credit of $5,000. The tax credit can be claimed over five years and is available for solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, solar water heating systems, and solar space heating systems installed on properties in New York State.

What is the NYC Solar Property tax abatement?

The NYC Solar Property Tax Abatement is a program implemented by the New York City Department of Finance that provides a property tax reduction for owners of properties that have installed eligible solar electricity systems. This program aims to incentivize the adoption of solar energy in the city and promote renewable energy sources. Under this abatement program, property owners can receive a tax reduction equivalent to 20% of the cost of the solar panel system installed on their property. The abatement is applied to the assessed value of the property, resulting in a lower property tax bill for the owner. The tax abatement period typically lasts for four years, but it can be extended for up to eight years for certain cooperative or condominium buildings. The amount of the tax reduction is calculated based on the cost of the solar system and other factors, such as the capacity and efficiency of the installation. However, there is a cap on the maximum amount of tax abatement that can be received, which is currently set at $62,500 for residential properties and $125,000 for commercial properties.